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In this phase we get to know your target audience, evaluate your objectives, study your competitors, and understand your tone.

Content Creation:

We create the concept, Come up with the ideas, Pitch them, and see what suits you best, and accordingly create the content.

Scriptwriting and Development:

According to the content we proceed with the writing process. We write down the script, whether it is scene by scene, drama script, visual script or voice over. We develop the script till we reach the final version

Storyboarding and Outlining:

After we finalize the script, we draw the story board to visualize it and imagine how the story goes, arrange the scenes and create a shot list to get ready for the shooting process.

Location scouting:

We check different locations, send you photos and decide on the best option that fits the creative



First we decide whether they should be celebrities, influencers or regular cast, then we start looking for the suitable candidates for our project, and choose among them



For shoots taking place outdoors, and sometimes indoors we need permissions, we guarantee getting you the permissions, and do all the paperwork needed to shoot in the whatever location we chose

Equipment Preparation and Rental:

According to the creative, we decide on the equipment needed and bring what we want from cameras, to lightings, etc.

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